The Gift of a Listening Heart : A Path to Healing

The Gift of a Listening Heart : A Path to Healing


The art of listening has been lost. Most people think that to listen to someone else means that you agree with what they are saying. This is neither true nor necessary. We have forgotten that listening promotes a sense of belonging and is a way to honor one another whether we agree with them or not. To listen well and to truly understand one another we must learn the techniques of listening, follow the rules, and practice, practice, practice. This book is written by Elizabeth Reis, D.M. who worked closely for years with Fr. Charles Curran, originator of the Art of Listening courses. Curran sought to end war by establishing the 'Age of the Person, ' and this book is desperately needed in today's world. It offers a simple but exquisitely powerful way to re-establish the art of listening by putting oneself "on the shelf" and paying attention to both the words and the feelings coming from another. It is a small gem that is easy to read, and can also be used as the basis for courses that teach people how to listen.

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Ssj Elizabeth Reis
Paperback | 164 pages
152 x 229 x 10mm | 249g
Publication date
10 Apr 2017
Center Space Media
Illustrations note
3 Illustrations; Illustrations, black and white